Invited Speakers of ICSET 2021


Dr. Tich Phuoc (Patrick) Tran

University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia


Tich Phuoc (Patrick) Tran is a data scientist by training, learning designer by choice and educator at heart. He is currently working at the confluence of educational technology, learning analytics and educational research at University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra. Patrick received a PhD in computer science for a thesis on improving performance of network intrusion detection systems using machine learning. He is also an experienced project manager with PRINCE2 certification and an MBA in accounting and finance. Prior to UNSW, Patrick has held academic and managerial positions with major universities in Australia. In the education space, Patrick has a wide range of research interests that are centered around learners, including learning analytics and educational data mining, educational technologies, gamification, and inventive problem solving. Through his applied research and teaching, Patrick seeks to leverage data analytics to drive pedagogical innovations, revamp learner experience and revolutionize existing approaches to learning and teaching.

Speech Topic: A Framework for Navigating and Enhancing the Use of Digital Assessment

Abstract: Digital assessment (DA) has been recognized as one of the most critical elements of modern education due to the ever-growing uptake of information and communication technologies in learning and teaching. This article provides a systemic approach to navigating and enhancing the use of DA in the higher education context. A multi-dimensional framework for DA development is first introduced which not only captures important aspects of DA but also highlights the trade-off between these competing dimensions. We then take a closer look at the online testing landscape and use this framework to analyze the pedagogical and technical dimensions of DA in practice.