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Latest News

January 17, 2018. News! The conference proceedings of ICSET 2017 has been included into ACM digital library. (Click)
ICSET 2017会议论文集已经进入ACM数字图书馆,请点击查看

January 17, 2018. News! Welcome Prof. Budsaba Kanoksilapatham, Silpakorn University, Thailand to be the keynote speaker of ICSET 2018.(Click)
热烈欢迎来自泰国的学者Budsaba Kanoksilapatham教授到ICSET做特邀报告。

January 08, 2018. News! Welcome Prof. Hiroko Kanoh from Yamagata University, Japan to be the conference committee of ICSET 2018. (Click)

November 24, 2017. News! Welcome Prof. Ya-Fung Chang from Tamkang University, Taiwan to be the conference program chair and deliver a keynote speech at ICSET 2018. (Click)
热烈欢迎来自台湾淡江大学的Ya-Fung Chang教授到ICSET做特邀报告。

October 21, 2017. News! Welcome Prof. Hui-Wen Vivian Tang from Ming Chuan University, Taiwan to be the local conference chair and deliver a keynote speech at ICSET 2018.(Click)
热烈欢迎来自铭传大学的Hui-wen Vivian教授担任ICSET的大会主席并做特邀报告,

October 20, 2017. News! ICSET 2018 will be held in Ming Chuan Hotel, Taipei during August 13-15, 2018. Thanks for the support from Ming Chuan University.

October 15, 2017. News! ICSET 2017 has been held successfully in Chengdu Tibet Hotel, Chengdu. The conference photos are available now. (Click)
ICSET 2017在成都西藏饭店成功举行,感谢各参会人员的支持。请点击下载会议照片。

September 30, 2017. News! The conference program is available now. Please download. (Click)

September 29, 2017. News! The arrangement for city visit has been confirmed. Please download. (Click)

September 25, 2017. News! The speech title and abstract for Prof. Kuan-chou Chen has been updated. (Click)
特邀专家Kuan-chou Chen教授的报告信息已经更新到会议网站,欢迎点击查看。

July 04, 2017. News! Accepted papers will be published in the International Conference Proceedings Series by ACM, which will be archived in the ACM Digital Library, and sent to be indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus and submitted to be reviewed by Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (ISI Web of Science).(Click)
会议收录的文章将以论文集形式出版并提交 EI Compendex 和 Scopus 检索,同时会收录到ACM数据库 。

May 25, 2017. News! 
Welcome Prof. Lichung Jen from National Taiwan University, Taiwan to deliver a keynote speech at ICSET 2017. (Click)

April 10, 2017. News! 
Welcome Prof. Budsaba Kanoksilapatham from Silpakorn University, Bangkok to deliver a keynote speech at ICSET 2017. (Click)

March 25, 2017. News! 
Welcome Prof. Kuan-Chou Chen from Purdue University Northwest, USA to deliver a keynote speech at ICSET 2017. (Click)
Kuan-chou Chen教授将在ICSET做特邀学术报告,点击查看

March 05, 2017. News! 
Welcome Prof. Patrick Letouze from Federal University of Tocantins, Brazil to deliver a keynote speech at ICSET 2017. (Click)

January 10, 2017. News! 
ICSET 2017 will be held in Chengdu, China and the submission is open. (Click)